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Jan 27

ECE Seminar: Dedicated Breast CT for Improving Breast Cancer Diagnosis

John Boone
Professor of Radiology

Abstract: About 12.5% of women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lives.  For every 32-student class you may have taken in grade school, two girls (now women) in that class will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  Currently, breast cancer... Read More

Jan 13

ECE Seminar: Nano-porous Gold: A New Material for Multifunctional Biomedical Device Coatings

Dr. Erkin Şeker
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Abstract  Nanostructured materials offer tremendous opportunities for engineering advanced device components for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Nano-porous gold (np-Au), produced by a nano-scale self-assembly process, is a relatively new material and has mostly attracted attention... Read More

Dec 10

6G: Towards Connecting the Unconnected

Mohamed-Slim Alouini

  Abstract:  The role of Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) in bringing about a revolution in almost all aspects of human life needs no introduction. It is indeed a well-known fact that the transmission of the information at a rapid pace has transformed all spheres of human... Read More