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Mar 4

Integrated Sensors for Biomedical Applications

Efthymios Papageorgiou
Ph.D Candidate

Abstract: There are numerous challenges facing the medical community that can benefit from innovative microelectronic devices and systems. For instance, there is a large need for small-scale sensors that are either implantable or designed for intraoperative use. The design of these sensors requires... Read More

Feb 28

Bridging the Interface: Heterogeneous Integration for Bio-Integrated Microsystems

Jan-Kai Chang
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Abstract The anticipated emergence of electronic solutions to pressing clinical challenges multiplies the demand for broad types of materials and devices that lie beyond the capabilities of conventional monolithic integration technology. Advanced strategies in heterogeneous integration and... Read More

Feb 27

Innovating Video Content Delivery on Commodity Mobile Devices: From Multi-path to Virtual Reality

Feng Qian
Assistant Professor

  Abstract: More and more users watch videos on their mobile devices. In Q4 2016, mobile videos have eventually surpassed desktop videos in terms of the online viewing time. In this talk, I describe two of my recent projects aiming at improving the performance and reducing the network... Read More