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May 23

CPSRC Seminar: Planning via Constrained Markov Decision Processes

Alessandro Pinto
Technical Fellow

Abstract: In this talk I will retrace our research journey in the area of autonomous and intelligent systems. I will then present a high-level architecture for autonomy and dive into the technical details of a planning system we have implemented to bridge the gap between mission and motion level... Read More

May 20

ECE Seminar (EE290) Gradient Flows for Prediction and Control of Densities

Abhishek Halder
Assistant Professor

Abstract:  This talk will outline an emerging systems-theoretic viewpoint that equations for uncertainty propagation and filtering can be seen as gradient flows on the manifold of probability density functions. On one hand, this novel geometric viewpoint reveals the metric structure of these... Read More

May 17

CPSRC Seminar - Software Exploitation: Hardware is the New Black

Cristiano Giuffrida

  Abstract: What would the world be like if software had no bugs? Software systems would be impenetrable and our data shielded from prying eyes? Not quite. In this talk, I will present evidence that reliable attacks targeting even "perfect" software are a realistic threat. Such attacks... Read More