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May 31

CPSRC Seminar: Model Predictive Control for Motion Planning in Urban Environments

Laura Ferranti
Postdoctoral Researcher

Abstract: Every year more than 20 million people are involved in road accidents, mostly caused by human errors. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.3 million people lost their lives in these accidents.  Half of the victims are vulnerable road users (VRUs), such as... Read More

May 30

Defense: Nano-Opto-Mechanical Tools for Multiscale Biomedical Applications: From Exosomes to Rare Cells

Xiangchao (Jude) Zhu
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Ali Yanik)

Absctract:  We are living in an exciting era of a fast-paced confluence of wide-ranging research fields and emerging technological breakthroughs that are profoundly altering our biomedical practices. In particular, the marriage of micro-nanotechnology and biotechnology is propelling our... Read More

May 24

Advancement: Load Monitoring and Fault detection using Time Frequency analysis on DC Loads

Atif Maqsood
PhD Student (Advisor: Keith Corzine)

Abstract:  This project explores load monitoring on dc microgrids specifically applied to Naval shipboard power systems. More electronic loads are being placed on Naval ships and, increasingly, more of these loads are pulsed-power in nature; drawing pulsating current from the grid. This... Read More