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Feb 19

Diverse Voices: Bethany Pagels-Minor

Bethany Pagels-Minor
Senior Engineering Program Manager

Bethany Pagels-Minor, Senior Engineering Program Manager at Apple, will be giving a talk titled "How to Find the Right Fit for You in Tech." Food will be provided. Register for the event at Bio: Bethany is an enthusiast for anything technology... Read More

Feb 10

ECE Seminar Series: Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics in Power Distribution Systems

Dr. Nanpeng Yu
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract: The electric utility industry is being swamped by petabytes of data coming from various sources such as smart meters, phasor measurement units, SCADA systems, geographical information systems, and customer management systems. The primary and secondary value imbedded in the complex and... Read More

Feb 7

Dissertation Defense

Atif Maqsood
PhD Candidate

Abstract: This thesis explores load monitoring on dc micro-grids specifically applied to Naval shipboard power systems. More electronic loads are being placed on Naval ships and, increasingly, more of these loads are pulsed-power in nature; drawing pulsating current from the grid. This... Read More