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May 2

Defense: Testing, Optimization and Design of a BIPV/T Solar Air Collector

Andrea Chialastri
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Michael Isaacson)

Abstract:  Integrated building elements, which combine their structural, control and architectural functions with that of energy generation, are expected to become increasingly important in the future scenario of energy efficient buildings, and they could significantly contribute to the... Read More

Apr 29

ECE Seminar (EE290): 5 things I wish I knew when I decided to start a company

Laura Mather
Chief Executive Officer, Board Director and Entrepreneur

Abstract: Starting a company can seem both exciting and daunting.  But you never know what it’s like until you do it.  In this talk, Laura Mather (founder of two companies) will talk about the things she wished she had known before “diving in”.  Topics that will be covered include... Read More

Apr 22

ECE Seminar Series (EE290) Land use in renewable energy planning

Grace Wu
Conservation Research Fellow

Abstract Ambitious low-carbon transitions are underway in many jurisdictions, requiring the large-scale expansion of renewable energy. Simultaneously, growing energy demand in emerging economies is being met with rapid energy development, with the declining costs of wind and solar technologies... Read More