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Apr 18

Defense: Magneto-Elastic Dynamics in Nanomagnetic Metamaterials

Cassidy Berk
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Holger Schmidt)

Abstract:  5000 years ago cuneiform was imprinted on clay tablets in order to store information in Mesopotamia. The necessity to store information was due to the increasing complexity of civilizations which evolved after the Neolithic revolution. Today magnetic materials are used in order to... Read More

Apr 15

ECE Seminar Series (EE290) CMOS Integration: Engine of Disruptive Innovation in Wireless Communications

Tom McKay
IC designer

Abstract The ubiquitous wireless connection now so low cost as to be invisibly embedded in daily life, owes this state in large measure to waves of disruptive innovation in highly integrated systems implemented with complementary metal-oxide silicon  (CMOS) manufacturing processes. ... Read More

Apr 8

Joint ECE and CPSRC Seminar: Safety-Critical Control of Dynamic Robotic Systems

Aaron Ames
Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Control and Dynamical Systems

Abstract: Science fiction has long promised a world of robotic possibilities: from humanoid robots in the home, to wearable robotic devices that restore and augment human capabilities, to swarms of autonomous robotic systems forming the backbone of the cities of the future, to robots enabling... Read More