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Jun 6

Advanccement: Intelligent Edge Radio Access Network Capacity Engineering

James Wales
PhD Student (Advisor: Ken Pedrotti)

Abstract:  My research is focused on the optimization of network capacity utilization by employing alternative data delivery techniques.  Currently wireless networks are designed for peak capacity demand.  My research investigates edge and local storage on user devices and the... Read More

Jun 4

Advancement: Bioelectronic device for ion fluxes control

Manping Jia
PhD Student (Advisor: Marco Rolandi)

Abstract:  Bioelectronic is a growing interdisciplinary field which has great significance in a broad variety of meaningful applications, from biosensors, drug delivery to health monitoring systems, and brain-machine interface. Electrical devices are composed of hard materials, like metals,... Read More

Jun 3

ECE Seminar (EE290) Smart Operational Planning to Accommodate Deep Penetrations of Renewable Energy Sources

Miguel Ortega-Vazquez
Senior Technical Leader, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Abstract: As the penetration of renewable energy sources (RES) deepen in power systems, there is an increased need for flexibility to accommodate the vagaries and deviations from forecasts.  In order to respond to this need, implicit and explicit approaches have been proposed. Implicit... Read More