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Feb 27

Defense: On the Fundamentals of Power Allocation Strategies for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Downlink Systems

Jose A. Oviedo
PhD Candidate

Abstract: The fundamentals of non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) power allocation strategies for downlink wireless transmissions are investigated, based on improving the performance over downlink transmissions using orthogonal multiple access (OMA). First, the scenario where the base-station... Read More

Feb 26

Deep Learning Based Wireless Communications: Examples and Challenges

Hao Ye
Graduate Student

Abstract:  In a traditional wireless communication system, the data transmission entails multiple signal processing blocks in the transmitter and the receiver, which are separately designed and rely on simplified mathematical models to develop solutions. In this talk, we will... Read More

Feb 24

ECE Seminar Series: Information-theoretic Methods in Estimation Theory, Wireless, and Distributed Machine Learning

Alex Dytso
Postdoctoral Researcher

Abstract:  This talk will focus on the interplay between information theory and other fields such as estimation theory, wireless communications, and machine learning.  The talk will consist of four parts.  The first part of the talk will overview modern connections between... Read More