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May 14

Defense: Dynamical Evolution of Dielectric Thin Film Interface Morphology Using a Phase-Field Method

John Sevic
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Nobuhiko Kobayashi)

Abstract:A phase field method is used to computationally study conducting channel morphology of resistive switching thin film structures. Our approach successfully pre- dicts the formation of conducting channels in typical dielectric thin film structures, comparable to a range of resistive switches... Read More

May 10

Data Science Day: Socially Responsible Data Science

Multiple Speakers

Join us for the UCSC 2019 Spring Data Science Day! This year’s focus is on responsible data science and data science for social good. Responsible data science requires fairness, interpretability, bias, explainability, privacy, accountability and more. And socially responsibility includes working... Read More

May 9

Memristors in Motion

Jason Eshraghian
PhD Candidate

Abstract Artificial neural networks have become ubiquitous in modern life, which has  triggered the emergence of a new class of application specific integrated circuits for their acceleration. ReRAM-based accelerators have gained significant traction due to their ability to... Read More