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Sep 18

CITRIS Tech For Social Good Program - Faculty and Staff Info Session

This Fall term, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute and co-sponsor the Institute for Social Transformation are launching a new program, Tech for Social Good (TSG), to sponsor student research projects and events here on UC Santa Cruz campus.    All faculty and staff are... Read More

Sep 13

Advancement: Bio-iontronics: Ionic Devices for Biosensing and Actuation

John Selberg
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Professor Marco Rolandi)

The control of ion concentration gradients and ionic currents is ubiquitous in tissue-level and cell-level processes such as enzyme activation, oxidative phosphorylation, neuronal excitation, and immune response. Bioelectronic devices that can transduce an electronic signal to an ionic signal allow... Read More

Sep 9

Advancement: Enhanced Detection and Identification of Bioparticles by Smart Signal Processing Techniques

Vahid Ganjalizadeh
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Professor Holger Schmidt)

Detection of bioparticles such as proteins, viruses, nucleic acids and other biomolecules is important for both research and many biomedical applications. Optofluidics as a relatively new field, integrates the photonics into the fluidic media to take advantage of the high sensitivity of photonics... Read More