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Feb 28

BSOE Partner Recruiting Event

Recruitment Fair: Students are invited to stop by and talk to local employers about jobs and internships. Read More

Feb 27

Continuous, Real-Time Detection of Biomolecules in Live Animals

H. Tom Soh
Professor, Electrical Engineering and Radiology

Abstract A biosensor capable of continuously measuring specific molecules in the bloodstream in vivo would give clinicians a valuable window into patients’ health and their response to therapeutics. Unfortunately, continuous, real-time measurement is currently only possible for a handful of... Read More

Feb 1

Can Fountains Prevent the Information Apocalypse?

Shahram Yousefi
Co-Founder, President, and CEO

Abstract Humanity is generating, exchanging, and archiving unprecedented amounts of information every day. According to Cisco’s Virtual Networking Index (VNI) forecast, by year 2020, 4.1B Internet users will use 26.3B networked devices and connections to exchange 2.3 zettabytes of data annually (... Read More