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Nov 27

Electrical Engineering Seminar Series - Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory

Dr. Vladimir Nikitin
Senior Director of New Memory Technology at Samsung Electronics Inc.

TALK TITLE: Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory: Present Status and ChallengesAbstract: Spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory (STT-MRAM) is a promising option for nextgeneration non-volatile memory due to a combination of fast speed, excellent scalability, highendurance... Read More

Nov 13

Electrical Engineering Seminar Series

Dmitri Strukov
Associate Professor ECE

TALK TITLE: Emerging Memories for Neurocomputing Abstract: The present-day revolution in deep learning was triggered not by any significant algorithm breakthrough, but by the use of more powerful GPU hardware. Though this revolution has stimulated the development of even more powerful... Read More

Nov 8

Electrical Engineering Seminar Series: IEEE Distinguished Lecture Talk

Prof. Levent Gurel
Adjunct Professor

TALK TITLE: Solutions of Extremely Large Matrix Problems in Scientific Computing: BIG DATA Aspects Abstract: As we solve some of the largest problems in scientific computing, we have to deal with various aspects of big-data issues routinely. Most recently, we have achieved the... Read More