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Apr 12

Distributed Control Architecture for Multi-Agent Smart Grids

Masoud H. Nazari
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering/ Engineering and Public Policy

Abstract Today’s power systems are operated and controlled in a centralized way, under which monitoring and control tasks are handled at different hierarchical levels. However, emerging technologies, such as distributed energy sources, electric vehicles, and energy storage devices, pose new... Read More

Apr 10

Channel Selection at RF

Behzad Razavi

Abstract A holy grail in RF design has been to perform channel selection at RF, i.e., remove strong interferers and even out-of-channel noise at the receiver input rather than in the baseband. Such an approach is attractive for it obviates the need for SAW filters and greatly relaxes the linearity... Read More

Apr 7

Smart Management and Monitoring for Sustainable Power Grids

Yu Zhang
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract Current electrical grids are undergoing dramatic transformations due to high-penetration renewables and flexible loads. With the growing deployment of two-way communications, we are facing grand challenges in the form of increased uncertainty and cybersecurity threats. In this talk,... Read More