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May 17

CPSRC Seminar - Software Exploitation: Hardware is the New Black

Cristiano Giuffrida

  Abstract: What would the world be like if software had no bugs? Software systems would be impenetrable and our data shielded from prying eyes? Not quite. In this talk, I will present evidence that reliable attacks targeting even "perfect" software are a realistic threat. Such attacks... Read More

May 17

The Fifth Bay Area Optimization Meeting

Agenda details: 9:10 Welcome 9:20 Michael Friedlander, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Title: Polar duality and atomic alignment Abstract: The aim of structured optimization is to assemble a solution, using a given set of atoms, to fit a model to data. Polarity, which generalizes... Read More

May 15

Defense: Enhancing Ground Penetrating Radar Signals through Frequency Compositing

Roger Tilley
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Hamid Sadjadpour)

Abstract:  In this dissertation, I explore methods to combine multiple frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) signals in a manner to improve the resolution of images of deeply buried targets. I propose using an optimization problem solver to combine multiple GPR frequency scans over the same... Read More