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Feb 7

CPSRC Seminar: Observability of Dynamical Systems and Optimal Sensor Placement

Wei Kang

Abstract In this talk, I will introduce a quantitative measure of partial observability for dynamical systems. For problems with very high dimensions and big data sets, the concept and theory of partial observability are developed using a computational approach. The theory and numerical methods... Read More

Feb 4

ECE Seminar (EE290)

Sung-Mo Kang
Distinguished Chair Professor, Jack Baskin School of Engineering

Abstract: The amount of data increased in the last two years alone accounts for ten percent of the total data available today. The sensing and acquisition, storage, and analysis of data are continually posing great challenges. Recently phenomenal advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) based... Read More

Jan 31

CROSS/CPSRC Seminar: Getting started with ROS and Gazebo

Louise Poubel
Software Engineer

Abstract In large part, the recent advancements in robotics have been made possible by open source tools. Open Robotics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software in robotics, supports two main projects — ROS (Robot Operating System)... Read More