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Mar 11

CANCELED: Econ Brown Bag Seminar: Modeling an Electricity Market in Transition: A Forty-Year Simulation of Entry and Exit in PJM*.”

Peter Cramton
Professor of Economics

*THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED* Dear SOE Community, Please attend if you are able: Peter Cramton is Professor of Economics at the University of Cologne andthe University of Maryland. Since 1983, he has conducted research onauction theory and practice. This research appears in leading... Read More

Mar 5

Closing the Gap between Heuristic Algorithms and Optimal Control

Brian Paden
Motion Planning Engineer

Abstract: Motion planning is a well-studied and important problem in robotic automation. Interestingly, it has been addressed by the computational geometry and control systems community almost independently over the last two decades. In this talk I'll present an overview of the... Read More

Mar 4

Riemannian Optimization for Convex and Non-Convex Signal Processing and Machine Learning Applications

Ahmed Douik
Research Assistant

Abstract: The performance of most algorithms for signal processing and machinelearning applications highly depend on the underlying optimization methods.Multiple techniques have been proposed for solving convex and non-convexproblems such as the interior-point methods and semi-definite programs.... Read More