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Apr 7

Smart Management and Monitoring for Sustainable Power Grids

Yu Zhang
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract Current electrical grids are undergoing dramatic transformations due to high-penetration renewables and flexible loads. With the growing deployment of two-way communications, we are facing grand challenges in the form of increased uncertainty and cybersecurity threats. In this talk,... Read More

Apr 3

Biologically-derived materials as energy storage devices powering next generation biomedical electronics

Young Jo Kim

Abstract Biodegradable electronics presents an emerging paradigm in biomedical applications by exhibiting various advantages afforded by electronically active devices systems and obviating issues with chronic implants such as infection, inflammation, and costly surgical procedures. Devices... Read More

Mar 24

Pathological Neural Mechanisms and Systems-based Neurotherapies

Samantha Santacruz

Abstract The brain is a complex system comprised of billions of neurons that work coherently together to control our behavior and general function. The advent of techniques such as multi-electrode recordings, microstimulation and neural imaging has provided powerful tools for modern systems... Read More