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Apr 24

Electronic, Thermal, and Unconventional Applications of 2D Materials

Eric Pop
Associate Professor

Abstract Two-dimensional (2D) materials have applications in low-power electronics and energy-conversion systems. These are also rich domains for both fundamental discoveries as well as technological advances. This talk will present recent highlights from our research on graphene, BN, and... Read More

Apr 17

3D Microscopy: Studies with Sand from Maui to the Moon

Gary Greenberg

Abstract Gary Greenberg innovates unique 3D light microscopes for industry, biomedicine and education. He will discuss the power of 3D imaging in the 21st century and its ability to provide more accurate information, decrease misinterpretation and increase productivity. Modern 3D imaging overcomes... Read More

Apr 14

An Integrated Framework to Address Power System Computational Challenges

Rui Bo

Abstract  In recent years, in order to handle increased level of uncertainty facing the industry that resulted from renewable energy development, demand side participation, policy landscape changes and so on, the power industry has frequently resorted to analyses that are highly computational... Read More