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May 15

Muscle Cell-Based ‘Living Circuit’ Components

Dr. Pinar Zorlutuna

Abstract The next step in biocomputing is to expand the domain of stretchable, flexible electronic devices to functional biological structures by augmenting, engineering or re-designing “computational tissues”. Towards this end we introduce a new type of diode, a muscle cell-based diode, as a... Read More

May 8

Reinventing an Industry: Convergent Technology Waves are Coming, Regardless…

Daniel J.C Herr
Professor and Nanoscience Department Chair

Abstract The 2012 update of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) projected several fundamental physical scaling (More Moore) challenges that impact miniaturization trends, as well as the rapid emergence of an integrated, multidimensional and functionally diversified... Read More

May 4

UC Grad Slam

BSOE EE graduate student John Felts, the UCSC Grad Slam Champion, competes against the other UC Grad Slam Champions! His research pitch: Transforming shrimp shells into surfboards! You can live-stream the event and vote for the people's choice award at: Read More