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Feb 1

Can Fountains Prevent the Information Apocalypse?

Shahram Yousefi
Co-Founder, President, and CEO

Abstract Humanity is generating, exchanging, and archiving unprecedented amounts of information every day. According to Cisco’s Virtual Networking Index (VNI) forecast, by year 2020, 4.1B Internet users will use 26.3B networked devices and connections to exchange 2.3 zettabytes of data annually (... Read More

Dec 9

Advancement: Two-Dimensional Active Plasmonics and Nanoscale Spectro-Electrochemical Modulators

MD Ahsan Habib
PhD Student

Abstract: Surface plasmons - propagating bound oscillations of electrons and light at a metal dielectric interfaces- potentially open door to photonic technologies at nanoscale realm by confining electromagnetic waves to sub-wavelength dimensions. During the last decade or so,... Read More

Dec 6

Defense: Atomic layer deposition of thin films: from functional devices to protective coatings

David Fryauf
Ph.D. Candidate

Abstract: Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a self-limiting subset of chemical vapor deposition that has become widely popular in materials science applications such as device packaging, semiconductor passivation, transistor gate dielectrics, optical coatings, and protective ... Read More