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May 9

Memristors in Motion

Jason Eshraghian
PhD Candidate

Abstract Artificial neural networks have become ubiquitous in modern life, which has  triggered the emergence of a new class of application specific integrated circuits for their acceleration. ReRAM-based accelerators have gained significant traction due to their ability to... Read More

May 9

CPSRC Seminar Series - FRET: A Formal Requirements Elicitation Tool

Anastasia Mavridou
Computer Scientist

  Abstract Requirement formalization and verification tools are essential in designing safety-critical CPS and achieving a level of confidence in system correctness. In this talk, I present the FRET framework for the elicitation, formalization, and understanding of requirements. System... Read More

May 8

Diverse Voices Speaker Series: Laura Gómez

Laura Gómez
CEO and Founder

The Diverse Voices professional speaker series, hosted by the Baskin School of Engineering, aims to expose students to strong role models from industry and provide an opportunity for students to interact with industry professionals in an academic setting. Each event includes a... Read More