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May 7

Diverse Voices: Data-Driven Diversity: High-Tech Industry's Best Return on Investment

Tara Hernandez
Sr Engineer

Tara Hernandez is a Senior Engineering Manager at Google. For more information and to register for this Zoom event, go to You will be mailed a link once your registration is received.    Read More

May 4

ECE Seminar: Toward Autonomous Agents through Evolution, Reinforcement, and Self-Supervision

Aleksandra Faust
Staff Research Scientist

Abstract: To complete a task an autonomous agent must be able to control the robot, understand their own abilities and limitations, efficiently explore, and execute a safe and a feasible plan in a timely manner on a target platform. In this talk, we discuss how evolution, reinforcement, and self-... Read More

Apr 20

ECE Seminar / Wind Variability and Impact on Markets

Ross Baldick
Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering

*Authors: Ross Baldick and Duehee Lee Abstract: In this seminar, we discuss the growth of wind in Texas and the challenges to electricity system operation under high levels of wind.  We observe that Texas has, by far, the highest wind penetration of the three interconnections in the United... Read More