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Feb 15

CPSRC Seminar: Easy, Hard or Convex? The Role of Sparsity and Structure in Systems Theory

Mario Sznaier
Dennis Picard Trustee Professor

Abstract: Arguably, one of the hardest challenges faced now by the systems community stems from the exponential explosion in the availability of data, fueled by recent advances in sensing and actuation capabilities. Simply stated, classical techniques are ill equipped to handle very large volumes... Read More

Feb 11

Glass-based advanced mid-infrared photonic devices

Ravinder K. Jain

Abstract Advances in low-loss high purity glasses were initially driven by fiber-optic communications,and the related interest in developing low-loss optical fibers covering a variety of spectralregions, which in turn led to development of fibers as rare earth and transition metal ion hostmedia... Read More

Feb 7

CPSRC Seminar: Observability of Dynamical Systems and Optimal Sensor Placement

Wei Kang

Abstract In this talk, I will introduce a quantitative measure of partial observability for dynamical systems. For problems with very high dimensions and big data sets, the concept and theory of partial observability are developed using a computational approach. The theory and numerical methods... Read More