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Mar 14

Mobile Actuator and Sensor Networks: from CPS to CHS

YangQuan Chen

Abstract: Robotics will continue to be a hot topic in many years to come in this “big data, cloud computing, machine learning, virtual reality age”. This talk starts by first introducing a new angle for emerging multi-robot control research opportunities - treating robots as a network of moving... Read More

Mar 7

Empathic imaging system design for improving cancer diagnosis and treatment planning

Shiva Abbaszadeh
Assistant Professor

Abstract: Positron emission tomography (PET) is a type of functional imaging that allows noninvasive study of metabolism, molecular interactions, and molecular pathways within the human body. Novel tracers are continuously being studied to target disease-specific biomarkers for more accurate... Read More

Mar 4

Integrated Sensors for Biomedical Applications

Efthymios Papageorgiou
Ph.D Candidate

Abstract: There are numerous challenges facing the medical community that can benefit from innovative microelectronic devices and systems. For instance, there is a large need for small-scale sensors that are either implantable or designed for intraoperative use. The design of these sensors requires... Read More