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Nov 28

Advancement: RF Emitter Geolocation using a Single LEO Satellite

Patrick Ellis
PhD Student (Advisor: Farid Dowla)

Abstract:  This thesis addresses the important problem of the high-accuracy geolocation of a ground-level RF emitter based on a weak signal received on a fast-moving single LEO satellite receiver platform. The proposed technology can be expected to have a significant impact on search and... Read More

Nov 26

ECE Seminar EE 290: Nanophotonics for Mobile Chemical and Biological sensing

Dr. Aykutlu Dana
Visiting Scholar

Abstract Nanophotonics has been extensively used for sensing applications over the last few decades, however practical issues hinder wide spread application of such sensors. In this talk, I am going to present several novel approaches for chemical and biomolecular sensing using plasmonics and nano... Read More

Nov 19

ECE Seminar- EE290: Creating Optical Nanomaterials Using Soft Matter Building Blocks: A Data-Driven Approach

Stacy Copp
Hoffman Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow and UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract: Many living organisms are masters of light control, from photosynthetic plants and algae to bioluminescent critters.  In contrast to human technologies, biology achieves dynamic control of light by building photonic systems out of soft matter, with individual components programmed... Read More