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Feb 27

Innovating Video Content Delivery on Commodity Mobile Devices: From Multi-path to Virtual Reality

Feng Qian
Assistant Professor

  Abstract: More and more users watch videos on their mobile devices. In Q4 2016, mobile videos have eventually surpassed desktop videos in terms of the online viewing time. In this talk, I describe two of my recent projects aiming at improving the performance and reducing the network... Read More

Feb 26

Faculty Research Lecture 2019: Responsible Data Science

Lise Getoor
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Abstract Data science is an emerging discipline that offers both promise and peril. Responsible data science refers to efforts that address both the technical and societal issues in emerging data-driven technologies. Prof. Getoor is a computer scientist who is well known for her theoretical work... Read More

Feb 21

Tiny Tools to Fight Big Diseases – Micro-/Nano-Systems for Discovery, Diagnosis and Therapy

Aniruddh Sarkar
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Abstract: Individual functional building blocks of life (e.g. cells, biomolecules) exist and interact at the micrometer to nanometer length scales. This creates a unique opportunity for exploiting microscale and nanoscale physical phenomena to develop technology for precision and personalized... Read More