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Oct 28

ECE Seminar Series

Ali Javey
Co-director, Professor, Program Leader, and Associate Editor

Title Wearable Sweat Sensors - Towards big data for human health Abstract Wearable sensor technologies play a significant role in realizing personalized medicine through continuously monitoring an individual’s health state. To this end, human sweat is an excellent candidate for non-invasive... Read More

Oct 24

Defense: Noise-Canceling LNA in 60GHz Utilizing Transmission Line Feedback

Tianchi Zeng
PhD Candidate

Abstract: This defense describes a complete design of transmission line based 60GHz low-noise amplifier with noise-canceling technique in bulk CMOS technology. Defense starts with transceiver system review, including building blocks and the importance of LNA noise figure. Existing noise-canceling... Read More

Oct 21

ECE Seminar (EE290)

Prof. Brian T. Cunningham
Willett Professor, Director

Title Digital Resolution Proteomic and Genomic Liquid Biopsy using Plasmonic-Photonic Hybrid Resonators   Abstract The strong electromagnetic coupling between plasmonic nanoparticles and photonic crystal surfaces is used as the basis for an ultrasensitive detection platform technology... Read More