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Dec 12

Advancement: Analyzing Impacts of Climate Change on Energy Market using Bottom-up and Top-down model

Duan Zhang
PhD Student (Advisor: Yihsu Chen)

Abstract:   With the growing concern about the effects of climate change, the United States is on the brink of implementing a federal policy to limit its emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). For example, in 2015, the Obama government has introduced Clean Power Plan (CPP), aiming to... Read More

Dec 10

ECE Seminar- EE290: New Frontiers for Robotic Perception in Extreme Environments 

Uland Wong, Michael Dille, and Michael Furlong
NASA Ames Research Center Senior Computer Scientists 

Abstract​​: Extreme environments like the lunar poles, surfaces of icy moons, and Martian caves represent treasure troves for scientific exploration – and they are unlike any ​seen on Earth. Optical conditions including oblique illumination, high dynamic range, translucency, retroreflective dusts,... Read More

Dec 6

Advancement: Electricity Markets in Presence of Prosumers

Sepehr Ramyar
PhD Student (Advisor: Yihsu Chen)

Abstract:  The electric power industry is undergoing fundamental transformations. We see the advent of prosumers, capable of generating as well as consuming electricity, interacting with the market beyond what was possible for conventional consumers. This paradigm shift towards a more engaged... Read More