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Jan 13

ECE Seminar: Nano-porous Gold: A New Material for Multifunctional Biomedical Device Coatings

Dr. Erkin Şeker
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Abstract  Nanostructured materials offer tremendous opportunities for engineering advanced device components for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Nano-porous gold (np-Au), produced by a nano-scale self-assembly process, is a relatively new material and has mostly attracted attention... Read More

Dec 10

6G: Towards Connecting the Unconnected

Mohamed-Slim Alouini

  Abstract:  The role of Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) in bringing about a revolution in almost all aspects of human life needs no introduction. It is indeed a well-known fact that the transmission of the information at a rapid pace has transformed all spheres of human... Read More

Dec 10

Defense: Ultrafast Spin Dynamics of Next-Generation Nanomagnetic Technologies

Mike Jaris
Ph.D. Candidate

Abstract: Nanostructured magnetic devices have been identified for their potential role in applications such as data storage, microwave nano-oscillators, and ultra-low power logic. In nanomagnetic technologies, the operation characteristics are intrinsically linked with to the dynamic magnetic... Read More