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Jul 22

Advancement: Camera-array 25-Plane Multifocus Microscopy for Ultrafast Live 3D Imaging

Eduardo Hirata-Miyasaki
PhD Student

Abstract: Three-dimensional (3D) imaging is a classical challenge in microscopy and in particular when visualizing fast processes such as neural circuit function in living animals. While it is possible to keep an entire specimen in focus by taking images with a very long depth of focus, this... Read More

Jun 11

Defense: Non-invasive imaging of gut derived neuromodulation in fly by three-photon microscopy

Imran Hossain
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Many biological functions occur in a complex tissue environment; however, often, we are restricted to studying them in reduced preparation. When amiable, in vivo imaging, opens up a window to the inner working of life, with all its complex interactions at play. In vivo imaging techniques... Read More

Jun 5

Advancement: Optimized excitation and detection geometries for optofluidic devices

Md. Nafiz Amin
PhD Student

Abstract: The ability to perform rapid, sensitive and accurate diagnosis of viruses, nucleic acids, proteins and other disease biomarkers using compact, “point-of-care” devices has been a key focus of biosensing research. On-chip optofluidic devices have shown promising results in detecting such... Read More