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May 26

Diverse Voices: My Journey from Jamaica to Google: From Majority to Minority

Sheldon Logan
Senior Software Engineer

Abstract: Diverse Voices is a professional speaker series spotlighting industry leaders.  Bio: Sheldon Logan is a Senior Software Engineer at Google, where he works in Technical Infrastructure at the Sunnyvale location. He started in May 2013, after completing his Ph.D. in computer... Read More

May 24

ECE Seminar: Towards Neural Signal Processing and Imaging

Gordon Wetzstein
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Abstract: Computational imaging leverages the co-design of hardware and software to re-define next-generation camera and display systems. In this talk, we discuss recent advances in artificial intelligence-driven computational imaging techniques, including single-photon imaging for non-line-of-... Read More

May 17

ECE Seminar: Manipulating Chiral Spin Textures: Scalable Spintronics with Engineered Phenomena

Dr. Lucas Caretta
President’s Postdoctoral Fellow and a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract: Excitations in magnetic materials, such as domain walls and skyrmions, provide a rich playground for studying intriguing physical phenomena such as chirality, magnetization dynamics, and spin-orbit coupling. Additionally, they also hold vast technological potential. Domain walls and... Read More