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Dec 7

ECE Seminar Series: Risks in Power Systems

Daniel Kirschen
Donald W. & Ruth Mary Close Professor of Electrical Engineering

Abstract: Each stakeholder in a power system not only carries some risk, but also creates risks for others and has the ability to mitigate these risks. For some, these risks are purely financial. For others the major concern is the socio-economic risk of an outage, which is not easily translated... Read More

Nov 30

ECE Seminar Series: Emerging Designs for Polymer-Based Optoelectronics and Energy Storage

Dr. Tse Nga Tina Ng
Associate Prof., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract: The shortwave infrared spectral region (SWIR: 1-3 m) is particularly powerful for health monitoring and medical diagnostics, because biological tissues show low absorbance and minimal SWIR auto-fluorescence, enabling greater penetration depth and improved resolution in comparison to... Read More

Nov 23

ECE Seminar Series: Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing

Aydogan Ozcan Ph.D.
Chancellor’s Professor and the Volgenau Chair for Engineering Innovation

Abstract: Deep learning is a class of machine learning techniques that uses multi-layered artificial neural networks for automated analysis of signals or data. The name comes from the general structure of deep neural networks, which consist of several layers of artificial neurons, each performing... Read More