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Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC Santa Cruz aims to achieve engineering discoveries that benefit humankind through a combination of curiosity, open-mindedness, and inclusiveness. We aim to provide undergraduate and graduate students with inspiration and quality education, believing that rigor, creativity, and excitement should be part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum. Our Electrical Engineering undergraduate program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,


Applied Optics and Optofluidics

Bioelectronic and Bioprotonic

Cyber-Physical Systems

Robotics and Control

Uncertainty Aware
Robot Control


UC Santa Cruz researchers develop scalable method for virus detection

Early diagnosis of infectious diseases can lead to accurate treatments and can prevent transmission and long-term complications. But to detect and identify an infectious disease is not easy. Disease-causing pathogens are normally present in low concentrations, requiring extremely sensitive devices... Read More

Tebyani and Spaeth's robot

Braingeneer group publication explores neurological control of flexible robots

Santa Cruz, CA—Controlling a robot’s movement typically requires laborious programming. A team of UC Santa Cruz researchers in the Braingeneers group are applying a different approach, using a sophisticated simulation of a biological system to control a flexible robot. The results have been... Read More

The novel tunable light source

Applied Optics Lab creates novel on-chip laser source useful for biodetection

Santa Cruz, CA—A team led by Holger Schmidt, professor of electrical and computer engineering and Narinder Kapany Chair of Optoelectronics at the University of California, Santa Cruz have demonstrated a new on-chip laser and its integration into optofluidic chips.  “This novel tunable light... Read More


Upcoming Events

Nov 2

ECE Seminar Series: What Can a Medical Physicist Learn from Plant Imaging?

Dr. Yuan-Chuan Tai
Assoc Prof of Radiology, Biomedical Engr, and Electrical and Systems Engr
Nov 23

ECE Seminar Series: Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep Learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing

Aydogan Ozcan Ph.D.
Chancellor’s Professor and the Volgenau Chair for Engineering Innovation