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Aug 28

Defense - Skald: Exploring Story Generation and Interactive Storytelling by Reconstructing Minstrel

Brandon Tearse
Ph.D. Candidate (Advisor: Noah Wardrip-Fruin)

Abstract Within the realm of computational story generation sits Minstrel, a decades old system which was once used to explore the idea that, under the correct conditions, novel stories can be generated by taking an existing story and replacing some of its elements with similar ones found in a... Read More

Aug 7

Defense: Learning Structured and Causal Probabilistic Models for Computational Science

Dhanya Sridhar
PhD Candidate

Abstract:   With today’s abundance of data, probabilistic models have an opportunity to drive fundamental research in social and biological sciences. However, unlike standard inference tasks, socio-behavioral and biological outcomes are frequently interdependent, rely on heterogenous... Read More

Jul 5

On Boundary Feedback Control of 1-D Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: Robustness to Measurement Noise

Francesco Ferrante

  Abstract: The tight description of many physical phenomena relies on mathematical models in which variables that depend simultaneously on space and time are related each other through differential relationships. This leads to systems modeled via partial differential equations (PDEs).... Read More