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Jun 4

Computer Science Department Distinguished Lecture Series: Humans, Machines, and Work: The Future is Now

Moshe Y. Vardi
George Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering

Abstract Automation, driven by technological progress, has been increasing inexorably for the past several decades. Two schools of economic thinking have for many years been engaged in a debate about the potential effects of automation on jobs: will new technology spawn mass... Read More

Jun 1

Defense: Telltale Hearts: Modeling Player Response to Choice-Based Cinematic Adventure Games

John Murray
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Dramatic choices represent the core of the content found in contemporary adventure games like those produced by Telltale Games and the Life is Strange series by Dontnod Entertainment. These consist of emotionally-charged and dramatically contextualized player choices rather than... Read More

May 31

Defense: Learning from Games for Generative Purposes

Adam Summerville
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Procedural Content Generation has been a part of videogames for most of their existence. Early use allowed games to present more content than would have been possible to store, but modern use has blossomed in to a field of research with a wide variety of goals. One such goal has... Read More