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Mar 12

Designing Operating Systems for Data-Intensive Heterogeneous Systems

Sudarsun Kannan
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Abstract: The dramatic growth in the volume of data and the disproportionately slower advancements in memory scalability and storage performance have plagued application performance in the last decade. Emerging heterogeneous memory technologies such as nonvolatile memory (NVM) promise to alleviate... Read More

Mar 6

Defense: Linguistic and Gestural Adaptation

Zhichao Hu
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Human conversants in dialog adjust their behavior to their conversational partner in many ways. In terms of language, they adapt to their partners both lexically and syntactically, by using the same referring expressions or sentence structure. In terms of gesture, they mimic their... Read More

Feb 28

Computer Science Seminar Seires

Jonas Mueller
Ph.D Candidate

Title: Learning optimal interventions under uncertainty   Abstract: A basic goal of data analysis is learning which actions (ie. interventions) are best for producingdesired outcomes.  While advances in reinforcement learning and bandit/Bayesian optimization haveshown great promise,... Read More