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Feb 22

Defense: Policy Communication in Ad Hoc Teams

Trevor Santarra
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Arnav Jhala)

Abstract:  With the rising use of autonomous agents, teams of agents may need to cooperate while having little or no information regarding the capabilities of their peers. In these ad hoc settings, agents must collaborate on the fly, having no prior opportunity to practice or learn successful... Read More

Feb 19

The Data Readiness Problem for Relational Databases

Rada Chirkova
Professor, Computer Science

Abstract We consider the problem of determining whether organizations facing a new data-transformation task can avoid building a new transformation procedure from scratch by reusing their stored procedures. Because it can be difficult to obtain exact descriptions of what stored procedures do, our... Read More

Feb 19

Natural Language to Structured Knowledge Representations

Siva Reddy
Postdoctoral Researcher

Abstract: Computing machinery such as smartphones are ubiquitous, and so will be smart home appliances, self-driving cars and robots in the near future. Enabling these machines with natural language understanding abilities opens up potential opportunities for the broader society to benefit from,... Read More