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Mar 8

Advancement: Scalable optimal control approaches to Dubins vehicle navigation problems under uncertainty

Alexey Munishkin
PhD Student (Advisor: Dejan Milutinovic)

Abstract:  The environment around an autonomously navigated vehicle can have an unpredictable number of other vehicles and stationary or moving obstacles that may or may not have harmful intentions. The safe navigation of the autonomous vehicle in the presence of other vehicles and obstacles... Read More

Mar 4

Defending Operating Systems from Malicious Peripherals

Dave Tian
Ph.D Candidate

Abstract: Modern peripherals are external devices that can connect with a computer system and provide extra functionality, such as keyboards, headsets, speakers, and smartphones. The connection is usually established via standard protocols, including USB, Bluetooth, and NFC. Modern operating... Read More

Feb 27

Innovating Video Content Delivery on Commodity Mobile Devices: From Multi-path to Virtual Reality

Feng Qian
Assistant Professor

  Abstract: More and more users watch videos on their mobile devices. In Q4 2016, mobile videos have eventually surpassed desktop videos in terms of the online viewing time. In this talk, I describe two of my recent projects aiming at improving the performance and reducing the network... Read More