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Dec 7

Advancement: Lower Extremity Inspired Tensegrity Crutch

Erik Jung
PhD Student (Advisor: Mircea Teodorescu)

Abstract:  Anatomical systems with bones and muscles have an innate structural stability. Most robotics literature view the human's hip, knee and ankle as a revolute joint with a confined range of motion which neglects a critical aspect of these joints, their internal flexibility.  ... Read More

Dec 3

Advancement: Generalization of Neural Natural Language Generation Models

Lena Reed
PhD Student (Advisor: Marilyn Walker)

Abstract:  Traditional statistical NLG systems require substantial hand-engineering: many of the components, such as content planners, sentence planners and surface realizers must all be designed and created manually and updated when a new type of utterance is required. Neural natural language... Read More

Nov 30

CPSRC Seminar Series - Ants Don't Use WiFi: Enabling Robotic Agents to Collaborate and Compete without a Communication Network

Mac Schwager
Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics

  Abstract:  In the animal world there is no WiFi---agents collaborate and compete by sensing and predicting the actions of teammates, rivals, predators, and prey.  Likewise, in the engineered world, many of the most promising applications for autonomous robots require them to... Read More