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May 9

FRET: A Formal Requirements Elicitation Tool

Anastasia Mavridou
Computer Scientist

  Abstract Requirement formalization and verification tools are essential in designing safety-critical CPS and achieving a level of confidence in system correctness. In this talk, I present the FRET framework for the elicitation, formalization, and understanding of requirements. System... Read More

Mar 25

Advancement: Reliable and Secure Internet Content Transport without Connections

Abdulazaz Albalawi
PhD Student (Advisor: J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves)

Abstract:  Most existing reliable transport protocols in the Internet such, as TCP, rely on an end-to-end connection as the main architectural construct to implement reliable transfer of data. However, a connection is necessary for reliable data transfer only if the communicating processes... Read More

Mar 21

CPSRC Seminar Series: Decentralized Control of Stochastic Dynamical Cyber-Physical Systems

Rahul Singh
Deep Learning Group Engineer

  Abstract Many important cyber-physical systems of great current interest are decentralized, consisting of many agents, and uncertainties. Designing decentralized control policies is a challenging task because it involves inducing coordination amongst the controllers without knowing all... Read More