Computer Engineering BS Portfolio

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Submissions for this form are closed.

This portfolio is for CE BS students.  

To complete CE BS portfolio requirement answer all of the questions below and submit this form. Your submission must include the following:

  • A hardware-oriented project report
  • A software-oriented project report (Verilog and VHDL are not software)
  • A third Project report of the student's selection
  • The completed questionnaire on this page

If a project report is associated with a course, it must be the final report of an upper-division or graduate course (excluding Computer Engineering 100/L and Electrical Engineering 101/L) you completed. One of the reports must be the result of a multi-disciplinary project. One of the reports must be the result of an individual project. One of the reports must be the final result of your capstone design project (not an interim report). Submissions must be in pdf format (either scanned or native). Students whose submissions are deemed inadequate, either in presentation or in content, may be required to revise and rewrite the portfolio or to complete an additional project course.

NOTE: Your files must be in PDF format; anything else will be rejected. Uploading large files over a slow connection will take a long time. Please be patient. If your browser times out, you may have to start over again. You will receive an e-mail verifying that your file(s) have been received. After the portfolio has been reviewed for completeness you will receive a second e-mail  confirming that you have met the portfolio requirement. There is a 50 megabyte limit on the size of ALL your files combined. If your PDF files are too large, please read our instructions on how to make them smaller.