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Senior Thesis for Computer Engineering BS

The capstone requirement for the Computer Engineering BS can be satisfied by either completing CMPE 123A/B or CMPE 129A/B/C or by:

  1. completing CMPE 123A or CMPE 129A,
  2. completing CMPE 195, and
  3. submitting a senior thesis along with the completed Senior Thesis Form.

The Senior Thesis Form should be signed at the start of the quarter in which the CMPE 195 is taken and then again when the submitted thesis is approved by the reading committee. To register for CMPE 195, you must complete the Individual Studies Course Petition and receive an enrollment code. The senior thesis must be submitted as one of the three reports in the CE Portfolio.

The CE Porfolio requires that one of the three projects be the result of a multi-disciplinary group project. Since this is often the project completed in CMPE 123A/B or CMPE 129A/B/C, students electing to complete a senior thesis should ensure that they will have also completed a multi-disciplinary group project. They will also need to fulfill the PR category for the GEs with another course.