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Graduate Studies in Computer Science and Engineering

Graduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers MS and PhD programs in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE, formerly Computer Science program).  In addition, the CSE Department supervises the legacy Computer Engineering (CE*).

*Admissions to the CE PhD program have been suspended. Students interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the Computer Engineering area are encouraged to apply to the CSE PhD program or to the ECE PhD program.

Computer Science & Engineering Contact Information

Listed below is current contact information for the CE MS and PhD programs, as well as the CS and CSE MS and PhD programs.  For more information regarding admissions and the application process, please see the Baskin School of Engineering Graduate Affairs webpage:  

Computer Engineering

Graduate Director:  Professor Katia Obraczka
Graduate Student Advisor: 
Lisa Stipanovich
CE MS/PhD Degree Requirements

Computer Science & Engineering

Graduate Director:  Professor Roberto Manduchi
Graduate Student Advisor:  Alicia Haley
CSE MS/PhD Degree Requirements
CS MS/PhD Degree Requirements (for students who enrolled before 2019)
Admission/Application Info