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Robotics and Control Emphasis



The graduate designated emphasis (DE) leading to the degree notation “with an emphasis in Robotics and Control” is a collaboration of faculty from several Baskin School of Engineering programs and is administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students wishing to complete a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation in this area must satisfy the degree requirements of a primary program as well as of the DE. The DE is most suitable for students pursuing degrees in Applied Mathematics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Statistics, but students from any area may work in this interdisciplinary field so long as they meet all requirements, including progress, within the primary degree program. A current list of the robotics and control faculty and electives is available at the Electrical and Computer Engineering website.


Committee composition and Department Approvals. The student’s M.S. project or Ph.D. qualifying exam, or Ph.D. committee must include one member of the robotics and control faculty.

Writing, Research and/or Teaching Requirements. The student’s dissertation or thesis must include a significant section (chapter) related to robotics and control, with content suitable for a conference or journal article. Students pursuing the M.S. project track must complete a project report related to robotics and control, with content suitable for a conference or journal article.

Course Requirements. The student must complete four five-credit graduate courses and several two-credit seminar courses. All students must complete ECE241(formerly CMPE 241), and three 5-credit robotics and control graduate electives.

Master's students must complete two offerings of ECE280C (formerly CMPE 280C), Seminar in Control (2-credits).

Doctoral students must complete four offerings of ECE280C (formerly CMPE 280C).