Computer Science PhD Open Positions

The Computer Science and Engineering Department is seeking exceptional PhD students to join us make advances at the forefront of multiple research areas such as Data Science, Computer Systems and Storage, Machine Learning, Database and Data Management Systems, Computer Security, Data Visualization, Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Programming Languages and Software Engineering.

Our regular admission cycle has a mid December application deadline and an admission start date in the Fall quarter.  For inquiries about the research areas listed above for the regular admission cycle, please contact the faculty listed in

From time to time, we also have some funded Phd positions that become available after the regular admission cycle.  Please contact the faculty members listed below to discuss if an off-cycle admission is appropriate for you.



Algorithms and Theory

Looking for mathematically sophisticated graduate student interested in theoretical work, i.e., proving theorems.  The research concerns the design of algorithms guided by the use of the Lovasz Local Lemma a key tool of the probabilistic method. Such algorithms have applications in a wide array of constraint satisfaction problems such as satisfiability, resource allocation, planning etc.

  • Dimitris Achlioptas, Professor,


Systems and Storage

We're looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students who are interested in cutting edge research in storage, distributed systems, computer security, and other topics in computer systems.  Our Ph.D. students interact frequently with "local'' industry in Silicon Valley, giving them the connections they need to succeed in either industry or academia after they graduate.  Because of our strong record of both government (NSF, DOE) and industry funding, computer systems Ph.D. students making progress towards their degree are fully supported by research funding for their entire degree program. Interested students can also get summer internships in industry research groups, often resulting in outstanding publications in top-level venues. Successful applicants have a bachelors or masters degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related areas, and are interested in doing research that includes implementing computer systems research prototypes as part of a collaborative team.

The Systems Research Lab (SRL) has two missions: (1) to educate and train the next generation of leaders in systems research, and (2) to produce world-class research in big data storage and processing, scalable data management, and distributed systems performance management. Also, in conjunction with the Sage Weil and industry-funded Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) we offer a new career path for Ph.D. students to become leaders of game-changing open source software projects. If you are passionate about building things to learn from them, if you have developed a taste in challenging problems in systems or storage, and if you enjoy writing and talking about technologies that few or none have explained before, we want to hear from you!

  • Peter Alvaro, Professor,
  • Carlos Maltzahn, Professor,