Please note that as of Winter 2012, this program has been discontinued.

Base Requirements

Students must demonstrate proficiency in fundamental base areas of computer engineering, corresponding to the following UCSC courses.

Students lacking some of the requirements may apply up to two base requirement courses taken at UCSC to the program elective requirements.

Core Courses

Three core classes are required.

Elective Courses

Five elective courses are required, and the selection varies from year to year.

Capstone Project


Credit for UCSC Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Up to three five-unit UCSC Computer Engineering or Computer Science courses fulfilling the degree requirements for this program may be taken before being accepted into the program through UCSC Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program. However, no subsequent Concurrent Enrollment courses will apply towards degree requirements after acceptance into program. Courses taken at other institutions cannot be accepted towards the graduation requirements.

Evaluation of Performance

Students enrolled in this program receive letter grades. The grades of A or B are awarded for satisfactory work. A graduate student receiving a grade of C or D will not be able to use the credit for that course to satisfy any course requirement for this degree. Courses in which a graduate student receives a grade of C, D or F may be repeated. Credits will be counted only once, and the most recently earned grade will determine whether a degree requirement has been met. Repeating a course more than once requires the written approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of a total of at least 45 units are required for the award of the degree. Generally, most courses carry 5 units of credit so, for students with adequate preparation 9 courses are all that are required to complete the program.