The Glen G. Langdon Prize

Glen Langdon

The Glen G. Langdon Prize honors Professor Emeritus of Computer Engineering Glen Langdon. A founding faculty member of the Department of Computer Engineering, Glen's pioneering work in computer architecture and image and data compression placed an indelible stamp on the program and the many undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty, he mentored prior to retirement. In addition to his research and teaching, as a life fellow of the Institute of Electical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Glen made major contributions to the establishment of computer engineering as a discipline of accredited engineering education.

The Department of Computer Engineering established the prize to honor Professor Emeritus Glen Langdon’s contributions to the department, to the discipline of Computer Engineering, and to the IEEE. The purpose of the namesake prize is to keep memory of his accomplishments and humor alive for generations to come.

The Glen G. Langdon Prize is awarded annually to an entering graduate student in the Department of Computer Engineering each year based on academic merit and IEEE affiliation.

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