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Sep 24

Defense: Pyrope: A Latency-Insensitive Digital Architecture Toolchain

H. Blake Skinner
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Jose Renau)

Abstract:  This paper proposes a new toolchain for digital architecture development which is designed to leverage Fluid Pipelines, a variant of latency-insensitive (LI) systems developed at the UCSC Micro-Architecture (MASC) Lab. Prior work on Fluid Pipelines and other LI systems has shown... Read More

Sep 12

Defense: Fortify Network Security Infrastructure and the Internet of Things Data in the Cloud

Xin Li
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Chen Qian)

Abstract:   Cloud computing is a paradigm that enables the rapid provisioning of shared pools of hardware resources or high-level services. Cloud offers the flexibility to create, configure and cancel resources on demand. Third-party clouds have rich computing/storage resources and charge... Read More

Sep 4

Advancement: Pneumatic Origami Joint

Samira Zare
PhD Student (Advisor: Mircea Teodorescu)

Abstract:  With advancements in modern technology, devices tend to get smaller, more lightweight and more convenient to interact with. Soft robotics is one of the means of achieving these goals by using flexible and lightweight materials such as silicone and polyethylene as opposed to rigid... Read More