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Apr 6

Embedded 3D Printing of Autonomous and Somatosensory Soft Robots

Ryan Truby
Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract: Recent advances in soft robotics motivate the need for new fabrication strategies that enable the heterogeneous, programmable assembly of soft matter with disparate mechanical, electrical, and/or chemical properties into functional architectures. I will introduce a free-form,... Read More

Mar 22

Advancement: Breaking Pollack's Rule: Towards a scalable and energy-efficient wide-issue core

Akash Sridhar
PhD Student

Abstract:  Current day out of order superscalar processors are able to achieve steady increase in performance over several processor generations. Even in mobile environments, most modern processors are out-of-order processors, but tend to be restricted to 4 wide core. The reason is that for... Read More

Mar 16

Addressing Security and Privacy Challenges in Internet of Things

Arsalan Mosenia
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is envisioned as a holistic and transformative approach for providing numerous services. Smart things, that can sense, store, and process electrical, thermal, optical, chemical, and other signals to extract user-/environment-related information, have enabled... Read More