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Jun 21

Advancement: Sufficient Conditions for Temporal Logic Specifications in Hybrid Dynamical Systems

Hyejin Han
PhD Student

Abstract:  We introduce operators, semantics, and conditions that, when possible, are solution-independent to guarantee basic temporal logic specifications for hybrid dynamical systems. Employing sufficient conditions for forward invariance and finite time attractivity of sets for such systems... Read More

Jun 8

Advancement: Wearable Assistive Device for Sprinting

Michael Powell
PhD Student

Abstract:   The ultimate goal of this project is to reform the way medical and assistive exoskeletons and prosthetics are developed by focusing on improving performance of athletes. We have developed a portable, low cost system that enables biomechanical simulation of a subject to... Read More

May 29

Defense: Text Spotting in the Wild

Siyang Qin
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Detecting and segmenting text in natural images is a challenging task which may find application in multiple scenarios, such as video surveillance, forensic, video annotation, mobile OCR. Our main interest in text spotting stems from its potential application as an assistive device... Read More