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Nov 4

Building a Future for Theatrical Play: Designing for Expressive Participatory Mixed Reality Performance

Dr. Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

Abstract: In this talk I discuss two research projects that are currently underway in my group: ShadowCast and VirDAW. ShadowCast is a platform for virtual reality musical theater karaoke. The name ShadowCast invokes other experiences of playing along with a popular media property, the most well-... Read More

Oct 29

Games as Points in Design Space - Rescheduled to 10/29

Mark Nelson
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Abstract: Designing an individual game can be thought of as picking out a specific artifact from a larger design space. Different design decisions produce different games in the space, and, informally speaking, similar games are closer in space. Such design spaces have been studied... Read More

Oct 14

Computational Media Seminar Series

Frode Guribye

Title: Participatory design of digital interventions in mental health care Abstract: In this talk I will address some of the challenges of designing digital interventions in mental health care. As part of the interdisciplinary INTROMAT research project we are exploring how we can include new... Read More