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Nov 25

Automating Measurement and Training of Hand and Wrist Motor Function after Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Katelyn Grasse
Post Doc, Computational Media

Abstract: Millions of people around the world suffer chronic upper limb disability. Reliable measurement of arm function is critical for development of therapies to improve recovery after impairments. This talk will cover how we developed a suite of automated rehabilitative tools to allow simple,... Read More

Nov 18

Video Games Have Always Been Queer

Dr. Bonnie Ruberg

Abstract: Video games are rich sites of potential for exploring LGBTQ issues and queer experiences. In this session, Bonnie "Bo" Ruberg (they/them pronouns) will present work from their 2019 book Video Games Have Always Been Queer. Ruberg will discuss how queerness can be found in... Read More

Nov 4

Building a Future for Theatrical Play: Designing for Expressive Participatory Mixed Reality Performance

Dr. Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

Abstract: In this talk I discuss two research projects that are currently underway in my group: ShadowCast and VirDAW. ShadowCast is a platform for virtual reality musical theater karaoke. The name ShadowCast invokes other experiences of playing along with a popular media property, the most well-... Read More