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Nov 18

Video Games Have Always Been Queer

Dr. Bonnie Ruberg

Abstract: Video games are rich sites of potential for exploring LGBTQ issues and queer experiences. In this session, Bonnie "Bo" Ruberg (they/them pronouns) will present work from their 2019 book Video Games Have Always Been Queer. Ruberg will discuss how queerness can be found in... Read More

Nov 4

Building a Future for Theatrical Play: Designing for Expressive Participatory Mixed Reality Performance

Dr. Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

Abstract: In this talk I discuss two research projects that are currently underway in my group: ShadowCast and VirDAW. ShadowCast is a platform for virtual reality musical theater karaoke. The name ShadowCast invokes other experiences of playing along with a popular media property, the most well-... Read More

Oct 29

Games as Points in Design Space - Rescheduled to 10/29

Mark Nelson
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Abstract: Designing an individual game can be thought of as picking out a specific artifact from a larger design space. Different design decisions produce different games in the space, and, informally speaking, similar games are closer in space. Such design spaces have been studied... Read More