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Apr 21

Graduate School Informational Webinar

Abstract: The Baskin Engineering Graduate Advising Office is putting together an informational webinar explaining the benefits of attending graduate school. The webinar will touch on the differences between the master's degree and a Ph.D. program, what programs are offered at Baskin Engineering,... Read More

Apr 15

Advancement: Narrative Instruments

Max Kreminski
PhD Student

Abstract: Anyone who has experienced writer’s block or the terror of the blank page knows that creative work can be difficult – but anyone who has ever made up a story for fun knows that it can also be playful. Can artificially intelligent creative collaborators help make creative work easier and... Read More

Apr 12

CM Seminar: Enriching Esports: Opportunities & Challenges

Constance Steinkuehler Squire
Professor of Informatics

Abstract: A decade ago, high school programs for esports (organized, competitive videogames) were rare or non-existent. Now, there are multiple competing high school esports leagues expanding across North America, Europe and Asia, many claiming to offer students academic and social-emotional... Read More