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May 3

CM Seminar: Space for Play

Emily Gobeille and Theodore Watson

Abstract: Design I/O has been creating playful, magical experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible for over a decade. From large-scale, interactive installations to open world games and experimental storytelling, Design I/O’s work is driven by a love of play and open ended... Read More

Apr 26

CM Seminar: Jeremy Douglass

Jeremy Douglass

Abstract: Abstract not available.  Bio: The Zoom access link and passcode are: 4262021 Computational Media speaker series schedule: https://cmseminarspeakers.sites.ucsc.... Read More

Apr 21

Diverse Voices: Living on the Edge of Your Comfort Zone: Women in Executive Leadership

Kelly Harkins Kincaid

Abstract: Diverse Voices is a professional speaker series spotlighting industry leaders.  Bio: Kelly Harkins Kincaid has B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology and is currently running two genetics companies: Claret Bioscience LLC and Astrea Forensics LLC. She is the only woman in an... Read More