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Mar 4

Lessons on Acquisitions

Jeff Seibert

Open to the public. Jeff Seibert is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for deeply technical Internet software. As Senior Director of Product at Twitter, Jeff led the company's consumer, developer, and publisher facing products, including Twitter for iOS, Android, and the Web,... Read More

Mar 2

CM Seminar Series: Bob De Schutter

Bob De Schutter
Professor of Applied Game Design

Title: Giving a voice to the older player - What I learned from 15 years studying and designing games with older adults Abstract: The study and design of games in relation to older audiences has historically been a niche field emphasizing the use of serious games for alleviating health risks,... Read More

Feb 28

Social Entrepreneurship

Marci Harris
Cofounder and CEO

Marci Harris is passionate about the responsible use of technology to benefit humanity. She developed the concept for POPVOX while working as a Congressional staffer on the team drafting the Affordable Care Act. She serves on the boards of the People-Centered Internet and LaunchTN, was named... Read More