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Mar 9

Computational models of multimodal dialogue in the ELDERLY-AT-HOME corpus

Barbara Di Eugenio

ABSTRACT   The goal of the ROBOHELPER project is to design and develop robotic assistants that can help the elderly live independently. To understand and model how   humans  would communicate with an assistive  robot,  we collected human-human interactions between an... Read More

Mar 9

Generative Toolset Supporting Equitable Access to Creation of and Interaction with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities

Krzysztof Pietroszek
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Abstract When Ivan Sutherland invented the first virtual reality Head-Mounted Display in 1968, it brought about a completely new kind of immersive medium with countless applications. However, for many years, designing, building, and experiencing virtual, augmented and mixed realities was... Read More

Feb 28

BSOE Partner Recruiting Event

Recruitment Fair: Students are invited to stop by and talk to local employers about jobs and internships. Read More