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Oct 10

UC Santa Cruz Big Ideas Contest Information Session!

Phillip Denny

Big Ideas is an early-stage, student-led, innovation contest that connects students with the mentorship, training, and resources needed to successfully conceptualize, deploy, and scale their social ventures. Open to undergraduate and graduate students at UC Santa Cruz and 11 other Universities, the... Read More

Oct 5

Drammar: Comprehensive Ontological Resource on Dramatic Qualities

Vincenzo Lombardo
Associate Professor of Informatics

Abstract   This talk concerns the release of a comprehensive ontological resource on drama, called Drammar, and a drama heritage corpus prototype. The ontological representation addresses the intangible dramatic qualities, i.e. those elements of a drama that abstract from the... Read More

Sep 27

CPSRC 2018-19 Academic Year Kick-Off Event

Ricardo Sanfelice
CPSRC Director

Start out the 2018-19 academic year at the Cyber-Physical Systems Research Center (CPSRC) kick-off gathering, Thursday, September 27th, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in room E2-599. The agenda includes a summary of the center's recent accomplishments, projects and activities, as well as a snapshot of the... Read More