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Mar 13

Building Educational Environments of the Future

Dominic Kao
Ph.D. Graduate

Abstract:With the current proliferation of educational games, MOOCs, and with the pervasive use of virtual identities such as avatars in systems ranging from online forums to virtual reality simulations, it is increasingly important to understand the impacts of avatars. Over two years, I led an... Read More

Mar 6

Building Together: Developing Serious Games to Support Sociality in Autistic Youth

Kathryn Ringland
Ph.D Candidate

Abstract: Face-to- face social interactions can be challenging for individuals with autism, leading some to perceive and categorize these individuals as less social than their peers. People might interpret challenges, such as difficulty making eye contact, as an inability or lack... Read More

Nov 30

Advancement: Learning From Games for Generative Purposes

Adam Summerville
PhD Student

AbstractRecent years have seen an interest in the generative capabilities of machine learning techniques, but these have in large part been focused on image and text generation. What research that exists in the field of games has largely been focused on generating level content, typically with... Read More