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Dec 5

Advancement: Developing and Utilizing a Smart, Instrumented Fidget To Better Understand Fidgeting and its Relationship with Cognitive Activities

Suzanne B. da Câmara
PhD Student (Advisors: Katherine Isbister and Luca de Alfaro)

Abstract:  My proposed dissertation research concerns the research space of fidget objects. My planned work includes both the study of the use of fidgets, as well as the design of a smart fidget that allows the collection of detailed logs of fidgeting patterns. Due to the recent popularity of... Read More

Nov 30

CPSRC Seminar Series - Ants Don't Use WiFi: Enabling Robotic Agents to Collaborate and Compete without a Communication Network

Mac Schwager
Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics

  Abstract:  In the animal world there is no WiFi---agents collaborate and compete by sensing and predicting the actions of teammates, rivals, predators, and prey.  Likewise, in the engineered world, many of the most promising applications for autonomous robots require them to... Read More

Nov 29

CPSRC Seminar Series - Temporal Logic Robustness: Applications to Synthesis and Analysis of Autonomous Systems

Georgios Fainekos
Associate Professor, Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering

Abstract: Many autonomous (or highly automated) systems are also safety critical. Due to their safety critical nature, they must adhere to well defined requirements typically in pairs of assumptions and guarantees. An ongoing research challenge is to develop a specification formalism to rule them... Read More