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Feb 25

Motivational Game Design: Bridging the Gap Between Principled Science and Practical Making

Sebastian Deterding

Abstract: As everyday life is increasingly mediated by computational media, motivation has become a new core challenge for its designers: How do we shape our computational lifeworld to motivate people to live more healthily, save energy, learn, work, play, commune, or participate in politics?... Read More

Feb 22

Computational Creativity and Machine Learning

Matthew Guzdial
Ph.D Candidate

Abstract: What does it mean for someone or something to be creative? A creative person is someone who can generalize from a few examples, produce highly novel solutions (compared to existing work), and explain their creative process. In machine learning, we often seek algorithms and models that... Read More

Feb 21

Seeing Experience from Many Angles: Educational Game Design as a Data-Informed Craft

Erik Harpstead
Systems Scientist

Abstract: The goal of educational game design is to create an experience that impacts players to change in some way. Game designers, however, cannot create these experiences directly; they can only create the systems and mechanics that give rise to experiences. This fundamental tension makes it... Read More