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Apr 6

CM Seminar Series: Oskar Elek

Oskar Elek
Post-Doc, Creative Coding Lab

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Mar 11

Diverse Voices: Tara Hernandez

Tara Hernandez
Senior Engineering Manager

Abstract: Tara Hernandez is a Senior Engineering Manager at Google. Her talk is titled, "Data-Driven Diversity: High Tech Industry's Best Return on Investment." Food will be provided. Register at Bio: Tara was an early promoter of... Read More

Mar 9

CM Seminar Series: What is a Simulation?

Chaim Gingold
Freelance Designer & Independent Developer

Abstract: From pebbles to pencils, we have always used tools to think with. Engineers and scientists of the 1920’s and 30’s faced newfound problems, like designing regional power grids, whose complexities defied existing tools. This prompted them to create analogs: dynamic... Read More