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Jan 15

CM Seminar: Centering Disability in Playful Caring Community Spaces

Kathryn E. Ringland
UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract: Marginalized people, such as disabled individuals, often find themselves stigmatized and isolated. This can lead to a host of other challenges, including exacerbating current obstacles and creating new mental health concerns. My research explores how playful technology can support access... Read More

Jan 11

CM Seminar: Meaning-making with social machines: Challenging assumptions and finding direction

Jaime Banks
Associate Professor, College of Media & Communication

Abstract: As machines are increasingly anthropomorphized, automated, and functionally opaque, popular and scholarly discourse attends to questions of how they may be incorporated into human life. One approach to examining these questions is the empirical study of human-machine communication—the... Read More

Jan 4

CM Seminar: ARMStrokes: using mobile technology to support everyday stroke rehabilitation

Jinjuan Heidi Feng
Professor, Computer and Information Sciences

Abstract: Stroke is a major contributor to adult disability in many countries. Stroke often causes long-term disabilities that affect cognitive, physical, and speech functions. Intensive rehabilitation exercise is critical for stroke recovery during the early stage of a stroke. However, only 31... Read More