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Apr 5

Understanding and Creating Meaningful Games

Mike Treanor
Assistant Professor

Abstract: Without a doubt, videogames are an important form of media in our culture. However, designers and players are still learning about how the interactive systems of games can be understood, and generally meaningful. Currently, many commercial games recreate understood gameplay genres (e.g... Read More

Apr 4

Better Game Design through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Alex Zook
Senior Data Scientist

Abstract: Games are used for an ever-broadening array of purposes: educating, training, citizen science, and even data collection. Yet our ability to make games for these diverse purposes remains limited: game design and development practices are poorly understood and tools for making games... Read More

Apr 2

Hybrid Body Craft: Convergence of Function, Culture, and Aesthetics on the Skin Surface

Cindy Kao
Ph.D Candidate

Abstract:  Sensor device miniaturization and breakthroughs in novel materials are allowing for the placement of technology increasingly close to our physical bodies. However, unlike all other locations for technological deployment, the human body is not simply another surface for... Read More