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Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minor

Where the bioinformatics major is intended for people who wish to become bioinformaticians and create the tools needed to solve new problems in computational biology, the bioinformatics minor is intended primarily for bioinformatics tool users who are majoring in a bioengineering, or a biological or chemical specialty. The bioinformatics minor is also appropriate for computer science or computer engineering majors who are considering graduate work in bioinformatics.

For official description and requirements, see the program description in the UCSC General Catalog.

For a more comprehensible overview of the requirements, see the School of Engineering Curriculum Charts.

Advising Information

A bioinformatics minor may count any of the courses of the minor toward the fulfillment of the requirements of their major. Majors with substantial overlap with bioinformatics include bioengineering, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, computer engineering, and molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.