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Senior Portfolio

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Complete as soon as you have a final copy of your capstone report, poster, or  presentation slides, as well as a second project. All submissions should be non-scanned PDF files.

If you are following catalog requirements from 2013–14 or earlier, the two projects can be represented by any of the formats.  For 2014–15 or newer catalogs, you must have a report, a poster, and a set of presentation slides, though they need not be from the same project.

Non-capstone projects are generally homework assignments from courses, but may be from summer research projects or independent study courses also.

The B.S. in Bioengineering Senior Portfolio will be used by the faculty to help assess the quality of the program. We also request permission (checkbox below) to post your capstone report to the bioengineering project archive.  A completed portfolio, exit survey, and exit interview is required for graduation.