Department Chair

Josh Stuart
Professor and Department Chair, Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Director of CBSE for Cancer and Stem Cell Genomics
Baskin Endowed Chair

Physical Sciences Bldg, Room 308
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 pm - 11:00 am

Graduate Director

Richard Edward Green
Associate Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Biomedical Sciences Bldg, Room 146

Undergraduate Director for Bioengineering and for bioinformatics

Kevin Karplus
Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Physical Sciences Bldg, Room 318
S19: Tues 1:30–2:30, Fri 12:40–1:40

Interim Department Manager

Dana Pierce
Senior Department Manager, Computer Science & Engineering
Director of Department Operations, BSOE

Engineering 2, Room 298E
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

Graduate Advisor

Theo-Alyce Gordon
Graduate Advisor, Biomolecular Engineering & Bioinformatics
Graduate Advisor, Computational Media
Graduate Advisor, Games & Playable Media + Serious Games
Graduate Advisor, Applied Mathematics + SciCAM
Graduate Advisor, Statistical Science

Engineering 2, Room 595K
Tuesday - Thursday, 1:30PM - 4PM. All other times by appointment only.