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Mar 14

Mobile Actuator and Sensor Networks: from CPS to CHS

YangQuan Chen

Abstract: Robotics will continue to be a hot topic in many years to come in this “big data, cloud computing, machine learning, virtual reality age”. This talk starts by first introducing a new angle for emerging multi-robot control research opportunities - treating robots as a network of moving... Read More

Mar 14

Understanding functional heterogeneity in normal mammary gland and breast cancer

Shaheen Sikandar
Research Scientist

Abstract: Single cell technologies have allowed us to visualize the complexity of transcriptional states of a cell in a given tissue. Despite available information that normal stem cells and tumor-initiating cells are heterogeneous, the effect of this transcriptional heterogeneity on functional... Read More

Mar 11

Chromatin dynamics, diabetes, and beyond: balancing the homeostatic equation

Zong Wei
Postdoctoral Fellow

Abstract                                                                               ... Read More