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Apr 22

Clinical Genomics from Conception through Senescence

Aleks Rajkovic MD, PhD
Chief Genomics Officer

  Rapid progress in genomic medicine in recent years has made it possible to diagnose subtle genetic abnormalities in a clinical setting on routine basis. This has allowed for detailed genotype-phenotype correlations and the identification of the genetic basis of many congenital anomalies.... Read More

Apr 20

"No Really, What Percentage Are You?" Race, Identity & Genetic Ancestry Testing

Russ Corbett-Detig, Ed Green
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing services such as 23andMe and are rapidly becoming a cultural touchstone, a mainstream phenomenon with significant implications for common notions of race and ethnicity, personal and social identity. Our public event will explore the promises and... Read More

Apr 17

Nanopore Variant Calling Using Deep Neural Networks

Kishwar Shafin
Graduate Student in the Computational Genomics Lab

Genomic sequencing of an individual genome produces millions of sequence reads. Once aligned to a reference genome, the reads can be used to identify genetic variations. Variant calling is essential in clinical genomics because genetic variants can be associated with genetic diseases. Next-... Read More