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May 7

Diverse Voices: Data-Driven Diversity: High-Tech Industry's Best Return on Investment

Tara Hernandez
Sr Engineer

Tara Hernandez is a Senior Engineering Manager at Google. For more information and to register for this Zoom event, go to You will be mailed a link once your registration is received.    Read More

May 7

BME Seminar: From Precise Microbial Genomics to Precision Medicine

Ami Bhatt MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Medicine and Genetics

Bio:  Dr. Bhatt is committed to improving cancer care, education and research in resource-limited settings. She is the Director of Global Oncology for the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Stanford University and has also served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Botswana and... Read More

Apr 30

BME Seminar: Dual-function injectable angiogenic biomaterial for brain repair after stroke

Lina R. Nih, PhD
Assistant Professor

Abstract: Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the US and the only major disease without an effective treatment to promote long-term tissue repair and function recovery. The clinical burden in stroke survivors urges the need to search for a medical solution outside the confines of... Read More