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Dec 5

Defense: Identification and Mixture Deconvolution of Ancient and Forensic DNA using Population Genomic Data

Samuel Vohr
PhD Candidate

Forensic scientists routinely use DNA for identification and to attribute samples to individuals. Although standard approaches are effective on wide variety of samples in various conditions, issues such as low-template DNA samples and mixtures of DNA from multiple individuals pose significant... Read More

Nov 22

Defense: Discovering Molecular Patterns with Therapeutic Implications in Large-Cohort Heterogeneous Cross-Cancer Data

Yulia Newton
PhD Candidate

Abstract Recent advances in high-throughput genomic technologies and high-performance computing have propelled the science of computational genomics into a new era and launched the field of precision medicine. Computational genomics is now an integral part of biomedical research and genomic... Read More

Nov 17

BME Seminar On Bioinformatics & Bioengineering

Daniel Kim & Subrata Dutta

Daniel Kim: Epigenomic reprogramming by long noncoding RNA Subrata Dutta: Chirality as a subtle probe of structure and function of Amyloid beta Read More