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Jan 19

BME Seminar Series

Dr. Joachim Hermisson

Speaker: Joachim Hermisson Title: "Probabilities and patterns of adaptive introgression" Read More

Jan 12

BME Seminar Series

Dr. Noah Whiteman
Associate Professor

Speaker: Dr. Noah Whiteman Title: "Genes-first and phenotypes-first approaches to dissecting adaptations in a Drosophila that attacks Arabidopsis" Read More

Dec 5

Defense: Identification and Mixture Deconvolution of Ancient and Forensic DNA using Population Genomic Data

Samuel Vohr
PhD Candidate

Forensic scientists routinely use DNA for identification and to attribute samples to individuals. Although standard approaches are effective on wide variety of samples in various conditions, issues such as low-template DNA samples and mixtures of DNA from multiple individuals pose significant... Read More