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Feb 2

Fishing expeditions can catch fish

Casey S. Greene, PhD
Assistant Professor of Systems Pharmacology; Director, Childhood Cancer Data Lab at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

You are invited to attend a talk ... Abstract:  Our understanding of the world, and specific maladies, improves when scientists metaphorically go fishing. However, the term "fishing expedition" is primarily used as a pejorative when applied to scientific projects. I'll provide my... Read More

Jan 26

BME Seminar Series

Dr. Scott Roy
Assistant Professor

Speaker: Scott Roy Title: "Origins and uses of weird genetics" Read More

Jan 24

Sharing Genomics: BRCA Exchange and the Human Genome Variation Map

Benedict Paten
Associate Research Scientist and Co-Director of the Computational Genomics Lab

Abstract: Pathogenic BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations lead to thousands of breast and ovarian cancer cases yearly, worldwide. Accurate genetic testing can reveal these mutations and give individuals therapeutic choices. However, determining the pathogenicity of BRCA mutation often relies... Read More